Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The thirty day challenge

If you're looking to to make money blogging you should really check out the thirty day challenge.
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SO far using this technique I have a few tumblr blogs
using the 30dc method.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Gill had PRK photorefractive keratectomy

photorefractive keratectomy
Today Gill went down to the Lasik MD Vision eye center here in Ottawa and had her photorefractive keratectomy better known as PRK. We went down to the lasik eye center at 9 am and were there until roughly 1 pm. Most of that time was spent waiting and consulting with the optometrists and the assistant to dr Agapitos.
SO it all goes is like this.
1.) You go for your assessment where they look at your eyeballs and do a topography map to determine if you're a good candidate for the lasik procedure. During this process you're given an eye exam.
2.) The optometrist goes over the results of the exam with you and shows you your topography and explains what is going to happen and how the Lasik or in Gills case how the photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) procedure works. What happened with gill is that the optometrist took her results to the doctor and then came back with her having to do the prk because her cornea was too thin to do the Lasik procedure.
3.) You meet with the assistants and they explain the procedure to you and go over the eye drops you'll be given according to which procedure you'll be doing.
4.) Then you wait some more.
5.) You get the procedure. Takes all of 10 minutes. Seriously thats all it takes and according to gill she spent more time in the operating room waiting for the doctor to calibrate his laser than she did actually under the laser.
6.) you get out and put on some dark shades, you meet the assistant again she handles any questions and explains the drops and post op eye care once again.
7.) You go have a seat for an hour and then see the optometrist once again for a send home exam and off you go with new eyesight and a considerable amount of discomfort.

Gill describes the eye discomfort after the PRK as having acid being poured in your eyes.

But she said after walking walking out onto the street WOW I can See!!
So yes Lasik eye surgery is just like you hear in the commercials

Monday, August 06, 2007

Be afraid, be very afraid

Ok it's common knowledge that we all have some fear, of one sort or another. Real or imagined we all have fears.
For instance I have 2 fairly irrational fears, fear of heights, I think that if i am on a balcony in a building that I am going to spontaneously fly out over the edge and plunge to my death. Seriously I have this bizarre gut feeling that I am just going to somehow fling off into space, weird HUH.
Then there's The fear of flying(more fear of falling out of the sky in a plane one fire - but that's another story) and electricity, well more getting electrocuted. Ok that was 3.

So I figured I'd layout some of the more common fobias here.

Spiders: Arachnephobia
People and social situations (weird but ok) Anthrophobia
Flying: Aerophobia
Open spaces: Agorafobia
Confined spaces: (stuck in a closet anyone?) Claustrophobia
Vomitting?: Emetobphobia
Heights ( I can relate) Acrophobia
Thunderstorms: Brontophobia Death: Necrophobia
Cancer: Carcinomaphobia

Now for some of the more bizarre Phobias
Ants: Who the hell is that afraid of ants? Myrmecophobia
Bathing: Now I know why some people on the bus are just smelly... Ablutophobia
Beards: Ok my Girlfriend hates my stubble, maybe its Pogonophobia
Chickens: Now this is funny, isnt being afraid coined being "a chicken" Alektorophobia
Chins?: Ok this is just silly, but fair enough... Geniophobia
Dolls: Yeah I get this one, I think dolls just look evil that and clowns, God I think clowns are weird and evil looking So fear of dolls is called Pediophobia
Flutes: Aulophobia
Frogs: (french people? does this count?)Batrachophobia
Going to bed: seriously you have some bad issues.Clinophobia
Knees: Genuphobia
Mirrors: Eisotrophobia
Paper: Papyrophobia
Slime: Stay out the government or lawyers offices? Blennophobia
Teeth: Odontophobia

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Facebook to be shut down due to 4 yr old lawsuit

Recently theres been some buzz about the feed lines about the facebook lawsuit apparently this "lawsuit" is like 4 yrs old. Man alot has happened with the founder Mark Zuckerberg since that time. The rumor mill has it that its going to be shutdown until the dust settles
Heres how it all began:

Before he launched Facebook at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg worked for two brothers on a project called HarvardConnect.com that also wanted to connect students and alumni. you can get the full story on that little dirty trick from Venture Beat (the lawsuit that wouldn't go away)
The lawsuit as I mentioned goes back 4 years. Because of a joint venture project that went the wrong way. The project that Zuckerberg and his partners were working was called ConnectU.

ConnectU.com, which was started by twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra, has accused thefacebook.com founder Mark Zuckerberg of basing his site on their original project. The suit was filed Sept. 2 in a Massachusetts federal court.

As a sophomore at Harvard University, Zuckerberg wrote the code for ConnectU.com, formerly a project by the student founders called HarvardConnection.com.

"Basically, the idea behind the Web site, the original aspect, bringing social networking to the college level at various (campuses) ... that's what he took while claiming to do work for us," said Narendra, who graduated with his fellow founders last spring. Source for this 4 yr old story is The GW hatchet (facebook faces lawsuit)
And finally some judge is trying to call it quits between the Hatfield and McCoys. Come on boy just kiss and make up or at least pay one another to go away.

A U.S. judge on Wednesday gave a group of former Harvard students two weeks to back up their claims that Facebook Inc.'s founder stole their ideas to create the fast-growing social networking Web site.....

U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock said in court the former Harvard students may be using the lawsuit as a ploy to extract a settlement from Facebook, and pressed their lawyer to produce evidence of a commercial arrangement with Zuckerberg.

"Dorm room chitchat does not make a contract, so I want to see it," Woodlock told the courtroom in Boston. Judge sets deadline in facebook lawsuit

Ok in all seriousness. Isn't this what all great moguls do. Steal other people ideas and claim the glory. Um Microsoft did. All the robber barons of the of the high rolling 80's stock market frenzy did.
So he embelished on an idea and made it better, maybe he had a bigger dream than his partners did. I'll tell you what , he sure as hell is raking in all the dough, and I'll bet when all the dust settles that this is what this pissing contest is all about.
However Facebook according to the conspiracy theorists (see my post and video on the facebook conspiracy)is pretty well connected and deeply entrenched in the establishment. Would it just be a surprise if these ex-partners of his got like abducted by aliens and were wisked away to area 51 or something stupid like that.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Star Trek has a new spock

New Star Trek movie and a new Spock

Holy cow am I excited!!! Those of you that know me know that I love Star Trek, yes I am a Trekkie. Well the news good or not depending on who you ask is that Star Trek has a new spock for their up coming new star trek movie.

From Star Trek .com:
(July 26,2007) at Comic-Con in San Diego, J.J. Abrams and his creative team have revealed new artwork for the second teaser poster. The lettering may be familiar -- and once again we get an Original Series look -- but this time the logo is inverted, and is written with starry letters, all on a white background. You can see a larger version by clicking here.

But that's not all! Confirming once again that this is a Kirk/Spock story, the casting kicks off with the announcement of Zachary Quinto as "Spock," who was joined at the presentation by the original himself, Leonard Nimoy. For the record, Nimoy will be donning the ears once more as well, confirming a storyline that would include both a young Spock and his older self.

Read the complete story here.
But of course the Trek fans will be kept in the dark I suspect until release date, which looks to be in 2008, or until some insider leaks more info and perhaps a synopsis of the new movie in the web-o-sphere. But you can guess it has something to do with the old series, or will be referencing an earlier period in the star trek universe, because Zach Quinto will be playing a young spock.
OOOOOHHHH I cant wait

Friday, July 20, 2007

Britney strips naked at a malibu beach

Britney strips naked at a malibu beach

In another stunnnnnning career move it appears as though Britney Spears is taking tips from prison err I mean Paris Hiltons agent and decides to get naked at a Malibu beach.
Britney Spears pulled over to a Malibu beach yesterday afternoon, stripped down to her underwear, and then jumped around in the ocean. Because, you know, why wouldn't she? This is basically the only way she knows how to get attention. She could tell everybody she was carrying a bomb and it'd be more subtle than this. source The superficial

Top 5 Facebook Apps and add ons

The top 5 Facebook Apps and Add ons

Heres a good one for all you Facebook (crackbook) Addicts
Earlier this May, Facebook opened up their code so anyone would be able to develop their own Facebook applications.

Sure enough a short time after , everyone from big companies to regular Joes were all over this, building tiny apps and embedding them in users' profiles.

Some are good and some suck ass, So Wired News asked their readers readers to vote for the Facebook apps they like the best. from wired news: Here, in reverse order, are the results of our reader poll, along with our own take on each of the winners. You'll need to be logged in as a Facebook user to access the applications through the links below.

Calendar by 30 Boxes
This offering from makers of the popular calendar web app 30 Boxes lets you manage all your Facebook-related dates right on your profile. Keep track of birthdays, concerts, assignments and other events relative to your online life, and share those events with your Facebook friends. If you're a 30 Boxes user, you can sync your calendars and add events either in Facebook or at the 30 Boxes site. But it also wins just because the clean, Ajax-powered interface makes for the coolest and easiest to use online calendar for Facebook.

Track your musical tastes with this app from social-music-discovery site iLike. Once you add the app, you can add songs and videos from favorite bands to your profile page. Don't expect anything too avant garde -- iLike is made for the mainstream. You can also list the concerts you plan to attend, which makes hooking up with friends at shows easier. But the real draw here is iLike's musical Challenge game. It starts playing a clip, and you have to identify the artist or the song title. Compete for points and show off your score. Is that Prince or Michael Jackson? "Skater Boi" or "Girlfriend"? The guessing game alone makes the app worth adding.

Where I've Been
With Craig Ulliott's tiny app, you can put a map of the world on your profile and mark up the places you've lived or visited. Part travel diary and part bragging rights, the map is well-designed: Countries or states you've visited show up in blue. If you've lived there, the place is marked as red. If it's on your list of places you wish to visit, it's green.

A Wired News reader favorite, and it's no wonder considering how dead simple this one is. Put Graffiti on your page and your friends can leave messages or draw pictures. Unlike other note-leaving apps, like Your Wall, Graffiti lets people be creative and colorful. One of your friends just might reveal herself to be the next Georgia O'Keefe.

Free Gifts
As bizarre as it may sound, Free Gifts is an app that lets you send and receive gifts from friends. The gifts are worthless and silly -- a panda bear, a pineapple, a roll of duct tape, a pink elephant in a business suit. But as creator Zachary Allia writes, "It's the thought that counts." Show the world how much your friends love you by displaying the last four gifts you received on your profile page.

Honesty Box
Put an Honesty Box on your profile page and people can leave anonymous messages for you, anything from "You're dreamy" to "You have bad breath." Blue text means it's from a man, pink posts are from a woman -- other than that, it's totally anonymous. The person leaving the note doesn't have to be signed in to Honesty Box or have it on their page. It's a whiteboard on your front door -- a brutally eye-opening whiteboard.
My favourite Facebook application add on is by Chris Pearson of Pearsonified.com done for his celebrityhack.com
It's called Celebrity pics it gives you a daily celebrity pic of some dumbass celeb doing something well... dumbass

if this doesnt scare the tinfoil hat crew out there then maybe this facebook conspiracy theory will

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gill gets lost in facebook

While im on a rant about facebook I thought it might be funny to document Gill getting lost on facebook. She sits behind me on her laptop and talks to herself while facebooking it.
What funny about this is she has like 9 million facebook friends and I always hear her madly clicking away at the mouse. SO when I ask her what shes doing she says something along the lins of I cant find so and so or where did i see so and so. I cant find them. Too funny shes getting lost in facebook, maybe facebook should have like a google map feature to let you know where in facebook you are.

Facebook conspiracy theory

The facebook conspiracy theory

Heres something all you facebook addicts will just love.
As well as all you tinfoil hat conspiracy theory junkies

I personally think this chick needs to get out a little more, you know have a few drinks go bowling, eat a pound of raw bacon on a dare, play some strip poker under the influence of dark rum.
I swear to god I am going to start a blog called tinfoil hats
I mean seriously who the fuck cares. Do you have credit card, a bank account, a social insurance number a drivers liscence, oh noooooo its uncle bill. Quick run hide buy a gun and excercise your 5 th amendment or what ever bowling for columbine right gives you the god given to carry a gun and go go blow away the governement.
Me I'm gonna go eat some popcorn and drink some beer with my GST check

The worlds Fastest insects

The worlds fastest Insects

The worlds 4 fastest insects

A few nights ago the little monster (our 6 year old boy Aidan) was quizzing me about insects. You know the usual interrogation you get from an inquiring 6 year old mind.
He was wanting to know what are the fastest insect s on the world (his words-not my bad grammar).
So here we have it.
The worlds fastest 4 insects.
I was pretty blown away when I looked in a few books to find these facts.

The world fastest insects in order
1.) The Dragon fly. It can zip along at 20.0 mph, 32.o km/hr
2.) The Hornet 13.39 mph, 21.5 km/hr
3.) The Horse fly 8.93 mph, 14.3 km/hr. I wouldn't have thought this was one of them, though they do freaking move like the wind when you try to KILL them because they bite Hard and leave huge welts on your ankles. I'm quite convinced that they live in the bottom of canoes
4.) The Bee 11.0 mph, 18.0 km/hr

Did you know that a bee could travel 4 million miles (6.5 million km's) on the energy it it would obtain from 1 gallon (4.5 liters) of nectar.